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Everybody who starts with us does so for one reason - to make a change in their life. 

We measure this change on many levels including weight loss, muscle, stress levels, energy, mood and many other factors.

Here's just a few of the many success stories we've seen down at the gym.



The best thing that happened to me this year is when my friend introduced me to Max. I have always struggled with my weight since I was child and I have had drastic weight loss three times, and every time I put the weight straight back on. Max has taught me new ways to look at weight loss and has shown me that I can have balance, that I don't need to only eat carrots and celery. He has really helped me transform my life mentally & physically and continues to help me reach new fitness goals!

I am so excited to start 2021 having a new outlook on fitness, health and lifestyle.

I really couldn’t be happier with my results so far!

Weight - Was 90kg / Now 69kg

Energy Levels - Was 3/10 / Now 9/10

Stress Levels - Was 8/10 / Now 3/10

Mood - Was 2/10 / Now 9/10


Having a coach makes all the difference, I'm the best I’ve ever felt and looked, with both my strength and conditioning improving dramatically over the 12 week transformation. The team is super friendly and there's a great community within the gym. Thanks Max and the team!

Weight - Was 80kg / Now 73kg

Blood Pressure - Was 140/75 / Now 115/75

Energy Levels - Was 7/10 / Now 10/10

Stress Levels - Was 6/10 / Now 2/10

Mood - Was 8/10 / Now 8/10



Unlike most I came to TTMF to get stronger and heavier. I’ve always been interested in powerlifting and strong man, it’s something I’d always want to try. When I heard Max coached athletes in powerlifting I grabbed at the opportunity. Since it’s become my absolute passion, I still train 5 days a week and I’ve never looked back. My lifts have gone from 50kg squat to 180kg, 40kg bench to 110kg, 80kg deadlift to 210. Thanks TTMF! Kane

Weight - Was 70kg / Now 93kg

Energy Levels - Was 7/10 / Now 9/10

Stress Levels - Was 8/10 / Now 5/10

Mood - Was 7/10 / Now 9/10


The 12 week program was tough but I was really surprised just how much I enjoyed it. Max kept me motivated throughout and gave me a solid understanding about what I was doing and why. I feel the results are sustainable and It has been an overhaul of my entire lifestyle not just a fitness or weight loss program. I’d highly recommend To The Max Fitness.

Weight - Was 90kg / Now 76kg

Blood Pressure - Was 160/100 / Now 130/85

Energy Levels - Was 7/10 / Now 8/10

Stress Levels - Was 4/10 / Now 2/10

Mood - Was 7/10 / Now 9.5/10

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-15 at 20.12.09.jpeg



During my 12 week transformation i learned a lot about how nutrition plays such an important role alongside exercise. I had been going to the gym for years but had never seen results like these in such a short space of time. Highly recommended!

Weight - Was 103kg / Now 78kg

Energy Levels - Was 7/10 / Now 10/10

Stress Levels - Was 8.5/10 / Now 3/10

Mood - Was 6/10 / Now 8/10

Ali Mills

I have been going to TTMF for a couple of years now and have noticed a real difference in my general fitness and strength. I would thoroughly recommend TTMF- the coaches are highly qualified, it's a very well equipped gym and the coaches are constantly working to improve their skills and knowledge. 

Mel Blackhurst

I attend a weekly strength and conditioning class run by Max. The activities are well planned to specifically support running. I have been impressed by the variety of different workouts we do as well as each coach's knowledge of all aspects of fitness and nutrition.

Carolyne Warren

TTMF has definitely been a huge factor in my recovery and has now helped me get fit enough to run two marathons! The coaches are flexible and knowledgable enough to change exercises in and out of the weekly routine to match my needs. I've lost weight and got fitter. I LOVE it!


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Hebden Bridge HX7 6HJ, UK

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